blindedvisi0n whispered: I saw Basement at lock up too they were awesome

They were so sick, one of the best bands I saw at Reading

Ashitaka - Princess Mononoke

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Touché Amoré joined by La Dispute’s Jordan Dreyer @ Lock Up Stage, Reading Festival 22.08.14

Basement @ The Pit, Reading Festival 23.08.14


I’m losing sleep, I’m losing friends, I’ve got a love hate love with the city I’m in. I’ll count the hours having just one wish: if I’m doing fine, there’s no point to this.


Camping in Arkansas

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early morning // cornwall, england

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So no more phone calls, no more texts. I need you in the flesh, not on facebook, not online, camera phones won’t do this time. It’s true.. I gotta be next to you

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The story so far / maker split ep / vinyl


You are the reason I’m smiling when there is nothing to smile about

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This place looks better from a passenger window
Or when stared at from up above
But when you’re chasing brightness
You’ll lose concern with the damage done
It’s not my fault
I’ll try to call
No ties, no roots, I’m fine.

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